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Advances in communication technology have driven markets to speed up. Modern computers have pushed that to levels that fundamentally alter the behavior of the marketplace as information is now communicated too quickly for humans to process.

With finer time distinctions, more chances for liquidity events occur, creating risks in the form of flash crashes and High Frequency Trade (HFT) schemes. These risks raise the transactional burden of the marketplace as a whole.

As a result of advances in technology and the speed of transactions in the marketplace, there is a need for a new logical construct for exchange markets to provide stability and safety, and low cost price discovery.

Since 1993

What We Do

The Coordinated Discovery Market (CDM), with our patent-pending approach, is a better exchange market for commodities. Conduct all trades at market-clearing prices with radically improved price discovery, lower total cost of transactions, and effectively suspending the need to hedge.

Competition is confined within participant groups, so speculators compete to provide better forecasts, producers compete to produce more plentiful (and cheaper) goods, consumers compete to use more plentiful (and more expensive) goods.

This enhanced exchange market maintains its foundation through transparency and maintaining trustworthiness through its computer-run algorithms.  Read more >>


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